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I was visiting Aunt Willie, an elderly relative who lived in a small town...  We were sitting at her kitchen table; it was early in the morning and our conversation was slightly above a whisper.

The kitchen had an outside door.  Without warning the door whooshed open and a woman bolted in.  She froze and exclaimed, “Oh Aunt Willie, I didn’t know you had company.  I’m leaving for the day and I just wanted to check on you before going.”  It was Aunt Willie’s long-time next door neighbor and friend.

​​I want to be known by the problems I solve... not by the products I sell.

Protect your health.  Using health insurance.

Protect your wealth.  Using Insurance to protect you and your family's assets and income.

Protect any and all who depend on you (employees, extended family & charities).

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We want to be known by the problems we solve, not by the products we sell.