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We want to be known by the problems we solve, not by the products we sell.

I was visiting Aunt Willie, an elderly relative who lived in a small town...  We were sitting at her kitchen table; it was early in the morning and our conversation was slightly above a whisper.

The kitchen had an outside door.  Without warning the door whooshed open and a woman bolted in.  She froze and exclaimed, “Oh Aunt Willie, I didn’t know you had company.  I’m leaving for the day and I just wanted to check on you before going.”  It was Aunt Willie’s long-time next door neighbor and friend.

​​I want to be known by the problems I solve... not by the products I sell.

Protect your health.  I write all forms of health insurance.

Protect your wealth.  I write insurance to protect you and your family's wealth and income.

Protect any and all who depend on you (employees & extended family & charities).

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